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The essential knowledge of biology and mechanics forms the basis for a safe and effective clinical practice. The teeth, their supporting tissues, and all orthodontic appliances are governed by the exact and immutable laws of physics.

It is of fundamental importance that the professional has a good knowledge of biomechanics, since our clinical routine consists of applying controlled forces (mechanics) in order to obtain appropriate biological responses.

The scientific principles of biomechanics lean the foundations for the orthodontist to plan and execute the teeth movements with great efficiency. In addition, he is then able to recognize and predict the possible side effects of any orthodontic mechanics.

The result of a partnership between Andrade Gameiro Odontologia and professor Gustavo Hauber Gameiro, the blog will be a space for sharing videos, texts and results of scientific research on biomechanics applied to orthodontics.

Our Blog will also offer Online Courses about specific topics on Orthodontics, with the aim to contribute to continued education of students and specialists.

Something about me


Professor of Physiology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, UFRGS
Master and PhD in Physiology at UNICAMP
PhD in Orthodontics at UNICAMP
Postdoctoral Stage in Orthodontics at Aarhus University, Denmark

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