We have organized a top 10 list with the most viewed videos of the blog this year.


1) 10_Fundamental_Concepts: a little teaser of our first interactive E-book, available in three languages for free download. (Links below the list).

2) 3D_Simulations: some 3d simulations were performed to visualize what happen when the force systems from the brackets are transfered to the center of resistance of teeth – the examples illustrate a classical geometric configuration. This video demonstrates that the full control of tooth movement in the 3 planes of space is definitely not an easy task!

3) Torsional_Play: In this video, the concept of torsional play is exemplified, and the main reasons for torque loss are briefly described.

4) Rectangular Loop Activated in Geometry IV: In this video, a malpositioned upper second molar was moved by a rectangular loop -one of the most efficient tools for clinical adult orthodontics. Advantages: simple, large range of deactivation, controllable moment to force ratio and act in the 3 planes of space.

5) Lingual Arch for Molar Uprighting: Are you struggling to upright molars with continuous archwire or cantilevers? Checkout the efficiency of a lingual arch activated for this purpose.

6) Tipback Mechanics with Transpalatal Arch: Checkout this typodont simulation to see a powerfull distalization mechanics by using a TPA activated to deliver a couple to a tipped molar.

7) Charles Tweed’s Birthday: As a small tribute to the Specialist Number 01 of our profesion, we share a video about the eternal AIMS OF ORTHODONTIC TREAMENT. (audio in Portuguese with English subtitles).

8) Complex 3D Canine Control: This typodont simulation is based on a real complex situation, in which the canine was almost out of bone. A rectangular loop, with first, second and third order activations was used to solve the problem.

9) Cantilever for Terminal Molars: A cantilever is a good option to apply a controlled force to only one tooth. In this case, a second lower molar was moved in a fast and precise way.

10) The 5 Steps of Force-driven Planning: the video presents the solution of a common problem based on the 5 STEPS of a FORCE-DRIVEN PLANNING.


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Happy holidays and excellent new year!!


Gustavo Gameiro


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